SWOP Tampa and SWOP Behind Bars gives public testimony on a bill to research decriminalizing prostitution

Last week,  USF St. Petersburg Professor Jill McCracken, co-director of SWOP Behind Bars and SWOP Tampa Bay, traveled to New Hampshire to give public testimony on the passage of the bill HB287.

This bill, which has since passed the House and now continues to the Senate, would establish a committee to study the potential effects of decriminalizing prostitution. It would not lead to any immediate changes in prostitution laws in the state of NH, but it would give government support to a group of  various officials who would research the benefits of decriminalization. While it has passed the House, many people are up in arms and the governor of NH says he will definitely veto HB287 should it make it to him. To urge NH’s governor to change his mind and support this vital public health and human rights conversation, call 6032712121.  For more info on this issue, listen to the beginning headlines of #304 On the Dresser, which covers sex industry issues.