Sex Work, Sin, and Shame: A Pride Perspective: Unitarian Unilateralist Podcast

On Pride Weekend, 2015, SWOP Tampa member and USF professor Jill McCracken gave a talk at the St. Petersburg Unitarian Unilateralist Church. SWOP Tampa is immensely proud that Jill was invited to speak at the UU–a church that has a long community history of open–minded, compassionate faith. The description of Jill’s talk is below with a link to listen.



Sex Work, Sin, and Shame: A Pride Perspective

Join us for another installment of our guest speaker series, “100 Years of Epiphanies”. Because our third principle is the acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations, we are hearing the personal stories of members and friends of this congregation as a way to live that value. We are more than just people – – we are our stories. Hearing those stories helps strengthen this congregation by deepening our understanding of one another.

Sex work, sin, and shame: What are they? How are they related? And how does our understanding shift when we explore them from a pride-ful perspective? On Pride Sunday, join Dr. Jill McCracken as she explores the relationships between sex work, gay pride, and the dignity and worth of all persons. Sex work, or the exchange of sex for money or other gain, is a foundation of Dr. McCracken’s research about language, gender, sexuality, and violence. Through and integral to this research, Jill shares her journey toward self-knowledge and healing.